Why the U.S. should be training its athletes more like India

U.K. sports minister said he has a “vision” for U.A.E. athletes in the future.

Athletic and sports minister Jonathan Hill said Monday that the U-20, U-19, and U-18 women’s basketball teams have reached a “level of maturity” and that the 2020 U-17 men’s basketball team will be the “top of the line” in the U20, under the guidance of the Ute Nation.

“These women have the right to compete at that level and they have to,” Hill said.

“So, the best way to achieve that is to train with the best of the best.”

Hill said the Utes’ “vision is for us to go from the top of the pyramid, in terms of the quality of the coaching, to the top and we’re going to do that.”

He also said the “best” athletes in U.E.-based basketball would be recruited from U.N. schools. U.A