Trump’s executive order: Why is it bad?

The Trump administration is moving to shut down all federal programs designed to help the homeless, including a program to help people with disabilities find jobs.

The administration’s move follows a recent directive from the Justice Department that effectively killed the “Homeless Veterans Act,” which helped hundreds of thousands of veterans find jobs and other services.

President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Wednesday directing the Department of Justice to terminate all federal funding for the program.

Trump said he’s looking to shut it down because it “has been proven to not be effective.”

The program, which was established in 1978, provides homeless veterans with a $100 monthly stipend to live in their homes and help them access services such as job training, education and job search assistance.

Trump’s move came after Trump signed a memorandum directing the Justice and Homeland Security Departments to end federal funding to the program, according to The Washington Post.

Trump also directed the Department to eliminate a program that provides financial aid for homeless veterans.

The Trump White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment. 

Trump administration wants to eliminate homelessness, including homelessness support, by 2020 article The American Council on Education says it’s launching a national effort to stop homelessness in the U.S. The initiative is calling for a $500 million investment in “housing, health, and economic services” for homeless people.

The program is modeled after a homeless service offered by the U,S.

Department of Housing and Urban Development, according a release.

The agency has launched the National Homeownership Strategy, which calls for an increase in the number of rental units and affordable housing.

The Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2010, which Trump signed into law in May, called for the creation of housing for the homeless and increased support for those who are homeless.

The U.K.-based Council of American-Islamic Relations is also spearheading the effort. 

The president wants to close all federal housing programs, including HUD’s Housing First program.

The executive order is also directed to end funding for housing programs designed for the chronically homeless.