Bird Training Classes Coming to Italy in 2018

The training programs for birds are going to come to Italy for the first time in 2018, according to the Italian Bird Federation.

The federation is a trade association of bird owners in Italy, but they are also a breeders’ group, and they’re organizing a bird training class to be held on July 1 in Rome. 

Italian Bird Federation president Giancarlo Dela Rosa says that a year ago, the Italian government started working on a pilot program that aimed to teach young people to become bird trainers, and this is the first step toward the goal of having birds trained for the general public. 

“The birds will be taught how to train the first in a classroom environment.

The birds will learn the basics of how to fly, how to climb trees, how and when to use a nest, and how to feed their chicks.

This will be done on the grounds of the animal welfare institute,” he said.

The training will also include a bird-related class, which is scheduled to start July 1 at the Animal Welfare Institute in the northern town of San Giovanni.

It’s not clear how many birds will attend the class, and the registration fees are not known. 

The Bird Federation says that the training is being held at a location on the campus of the Animal Health Institute.

It does not know how much the class will cost. 

Dela Rosa said that the government is committed to having the training program in place by the end of the year, but it’s a long way from that point.