How to Make A Sexy Look With Your Hair, Beauty, & Crop Tutorials

Beauty, hair, and crop classes can be fun and challenging, but how do you go from an old school style to a modern look?

There are some tips for beginners and experienced stylists to get started, as well as ways to improve. 


The Basics of Color Palettes Beauty and hair color are always going to be influenced by how your natural hair and skin looks.

Color is one of those areas where you need to take into account the genetics of the individual hair or skin type you’re going for.

Some people like their hair and skins to look dark, while others prefer a natural, more natural-looking color.

For people who are both, these palettes will be different. 


The Process of Getting Your Hair Dyeable Learn how to dye your hair by learning how to cut it with a dye gun. 


How to Get Your Hair Dry and Tidy Learn how and when to get your hair dry and tidy. 


How To Make Your Hair Shine Learn how you can get your natural natural hair to shine. 


How Natural Hair Should Be Hand Dyeed Learn how natural hair can be hand dyed with dyeing tips, techniques, and techniques to help you achieve the most natural-like look. 


How Hair Is Hand Dried Learn how different techniques are used to hand dye hair. 


How Dry Your Hair Is Learn how much hair to dry to achieve the ideal look.