How to train your dog to be seizure-proof

Training your dog for seizure prevention can be an enjoyable hobby, but there are risks involved.

For example, a dog who is not trained to sniff out a threat in a house may accidentally trigger a home invasion.

“You’re dealing with people who have been trained to be aggressive and can easily be influenced by a dog that isn’t being trained,” Dr David Leung said.

“They are trained to attack and attack and they can easily cause injury to the dog.”

“They can cause injuries to the owner.”

Dr Leung says if you don’t train your dogs to avoid potentially threatening situations, they can become trained to react to certain types of stimuli.

“The dog will be trained to associate that stimulus with a certain kind of reward, a specific kind of behaviour,” he said.”[The dog] may start to react aggressively and respond to it in a certain way.”

If you have any questions about the safety of training your dog, Dr Leung recommends talking to a vet.

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