‘I’m not scared’: US police officers train with virtual reality training

Posted November 16, 2018 09:08:50 US police chiefs have begun offering virtual reality courses to their officers and staff.

Key points:The Federal Police, New Zealand’s police, and the Australian Federal Police have all begun offering the virtual training for officers and their families.

Key Points:Police and police departments in the US and Australia have been offering virtual training classes to officers and family members for some timeNow the Federal Government is taking steps to roll out the training to all of its officers and public servants.

The Federal Government said the Virtual Safety Training for Law Enforcement Officers and Employees (VSTEE) will be rolled out across the Australian Government, the US Government and New Zealand.

“We are committed to delivering this training to our law enforcement agencies across the country,” Assistant Attorney-General Matthew Whitehead said in a statement.

“The VSTEE will provide a more comprehensive and practical learning environment for police officers, law enforcement personnel, and community members to learn about how to safely respond to incidents and to understand the capabilities of our community.”

“We will also offer this training at police and police department level across Australia, the United States, Canada, the UK, and Germany, with an emphasis on the training of law enforcement officers in the role of the community engagement officer.”

The Federal Department of the Attorney-Gen said it would provide training for police and their family members through the Virtual Police Officer Training Program.

“It will provide training in the law enforcement profession, how to be a police officer and to ensure that officers are trained to be more effective and safe on the job,” Assistant Chief Constable Mark O’Sullivan said.

“This training will be delivered by an accredited instructor.”

The US Department of Homeland Security is also planning to roll the training out across its police and public safety departments.

“In addition to providing training in law enforcement and community safety, this training will also include the development of skills for the virtual workforce, the safe operation of vehicles, the management of facilities and facilities operations, and communication between the virtual and real officers,” DHS said in its announcement.

“These training and knowledge modules will include skills that can be used in a variety of scenarios across the Federal government, including critical incidents and disasters, natural disasters, military operations, natural resources management, and more.”

In New Zealand, the Police Service of New Zealand has also begun offering a virtual training class for officers.

“All New Zealand Police are eligible to take part in the training, as are the members of the NZ National Police Force, as well as any other NZ police forces,” Acting Police Commissioner Mark Gorton said.

The National Police Chiefs Council said the virtual class would be held on Thursday.”NZ Police will train all officers and other employees of all police departments to be able to quickly identify, communicate with and deal with threats on a range of social media platforms,” the council said.

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