Vice News: A new ‘training class’ for those looking to be ‘trained to kill’

A new training class called “The Killing Machine” is available to those who have an interest in becoming the next terrorist.

The class is being offered at the University of Southern California’s Drexel University, where the students will be trained to take the role of a sniper, kill targets, and make noise.

The instructors will use the “Kill Me First” game theory method to train the students in how to use firearms and explosives.

The video, which will be shown at the training, begins with a student taking the role as a sniper for a sniper training class.

“If you want to be a terrorist, you want your target to be dead,” the video explains.

“You want your targets to be scared, and you want them to be confused.

The best way to do that is to go on a killing spree.

So we’ll show you the skills that a sniper will need to use to go and kill a target.”

The students will then go on to practice the skills and techniques needed to carry out a deadly mission, such as setting off a bomb or setting off an explosive device, the video says.

The students are expected to complete the class in under three weeks, and the instructors will be paid an undisclosed amount.

The video was first published on Vice News.