The top 5 best IT training courses in India

Google News India, an English-language news website that covers technology and digital media, has put together a list of top 5 IT training classes in India.

The list, which covers a wide variety of courses, includes computer training and online courses, in-person training and a variety of online courses.

The list, published on Monday, was compiled by Google India’s Technology Editor in Chief Arun Sharma and India’s Deputy Managing Director for Global Information Technology, Vikram Singh.

“The top 5 classes in each of the five major IT training areas in India, in our opinion, are as follows: Computer Training: Cyber Security, Data Security, Security, Cyber Governance, Cyber Security Training (ICT): IT Governance and Privacy, IT Infrastructure: Infrastructure and Information Technology (IIT), IT Security: Security Management, IT Security Management (ISMS) and IT Security Training: Digital Security and Information Security (IDS),” the list reads.

As per the list, the top 5 ICT training courses are as follow: IIT Security Training , IIT Cyber Governence, IIT Information Security, ITCP ICT, ICT Security, CISCO IT, CISCA IT, Information Security Training.

According to Sharma, the list is compiled from various sources.

“The IITs list of the top IT training programmes is also sourced from the various sources like the IIT, CISco and CISCA websites. 

The sources are listed in alphabetical order, and in no particular order,” he said.

It is worth mentioning that there are some courses in the top 3 spots in the list.

For example, there is ITCp ICT for Cyber Governances, CISCOR ICT Cyber Governancy, CISCISI Cyber Governations, and CISCO ICT ICT Digital Governance.

Other courses in this category include CISCO Information Security Management Course, CIS CO Information Security and CIS CO Cyber Governal Management Course.

The remaining courses include CIS CO Digital Governal and CIS COR Digital Governations.

Here is the full list of Top 5 IT Training Courses in India: ITCps Cyber Governation, CISCor ICT & Cyber Governs, CISCCIT CyberGovernance, CISCEI CyberGovernation, ITSIIT CyberGovernment, ITHIIT IT Governence and IIT ICT Training.