The ‘New York Yankees’ Have No Idea Why They Lost In A Wild Wild West-Style Game 3

The New York Yankees have no idea why they lost to the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 3 of the ALDS, and it’s not because of a botched pitch.

It’s because the game was rigged.

In the sixth inning of Game 3, Los Angeles’ Adam Wainwright walked Brandon League to put runners on the corners, but he dropped his ball, the ball bouncing out of his glove.

When the Dodgers got their first two outs, the Yankees scored six runs on three hits.

That left Los Angeles with a 5-1 lead with 2:07 remaining.

With the Dodgers down two runs, the team called a timeout and gave it a try.

The Yankees, desperate for a comeback, tried to rally, but the Dodgers, confident in their offense, made a series of quick adjustments.

They had runners at first and third, then a runner on second, then two runners on third, two runners up and finally a runner in scoring position, a situation that allowed Los Angeles to score five runs on five hits.

The result?

The Yankees got no outs and won, 6-3.

After that game, there were rumors of a conspiracy among the players to steal the game.

And, yes, there was some controversy.

For one, the Dodgers won the first-inning game in a controversial 3-2 win, so that would make this the second time in history the team has won in the seventh inning or later.

And there was no sign that Wainweather’s ball was stolen, so it’s possible he wasn’t caught.

But there was also no indication the Yankees knew anything about the scheme, nor were they willing to play a man on first, so there was plenty of time to get back in the game and win.

The problem with that, though, is that the Dodgers knew they were in trouble early in the third, with their offense struggling.

They knew the Yankees had the advantage in the count and the ball in their hands, so they didn’t want to lose the game, even if it meant giving up a lead.

But the Yankees didn’t realize they were out of it until the Yankees came back and won it, 3-1.

“We’re not here to win,” said manager Joe Girardi.

“What we’re here to do is play baseball.”

What the Yankees did, instead, was put the ball into play and get the outs they needed to win.

In doing so, they played one of the most dangerous plays in baseball: A simple double play.

The Dodgers made a play called the “double play,” meaning the batter gets out and the pitcher gets in.

If you watch the replay of that play, it looks like the batter hits the catcher and then throws to the third baseman, who gets the ball and tries to catch it.

The catcher does not.

The batter then hits the first baseman and throws to third.

The third baseman catches it and throws it to the catcher.

Now, if the ball is not caught by the catcher, it’s called a “run.”

But if the catcher catches the ball, he can throw it to third and get out, or the third base umpire will call it a “walk.”

If the catcher throws to first, he will be out.

But if he throws to second, he has to catch the ball before the pitcher can throw to third base, which is when the play ends.

In essence, the play called “double” is a double play where the batter, who had the ball at first, is called out for the double play, which leaves the pitcher with a runner at second, but can’t catch the batted ball.

The play ends when the batter throws to his third base.

So, in this case, the catcher is given two outs and then the pitcher has a runner.

He can’t get out because he has the ball.

So he throws it over the pitcher’s head, which would be the catch and a base hit.

That’s the catch, a base hits and the Dodgers are ahead 5-2.

That’s how the play was called.

That was the plan all along.

The Yankees knew they had a big lead and wanted to stay in the contest.

They did not want to give up any more runs, because they knew the Dodgers would run out the clock in the ninth inning to force a replay, which was inevitable.

But it’s unclear how the players reacted.

When asked if they were mad at the Dodgers for stealing the game (they were not), Yankees manager Joe Perez said, “We weren’t mad at them, but we were mad that they didn’s not catch the [ball].”

And that’s how it all went down.

The game itself was a wild one.

The game ended in a 3-3 tie with two outs.

The inning ended with two runners in scoring positions.

One was first baseman Nick Swisher, who got out of the