When will it be done? | NHL Training Camp preview

The NHL Training Centres are a long-awaited facility built for the 2017-18 season, and as of now, it appears they’re on track to open at the end of the month. 

The NHL is currently planning a training camp for October. 

As of now that’s just the beginning of what the new facility will offer, but we’re already getting some of the first images from the facility. 

There’s a bit of a buzz around the facility right now, with a number of major news outlets including ESPN, ESPN Insider, CBSSports.com, Bustle and Bleacher Report all reporting on the project and the training facilities that the NHL has been working on since last season. 

One of the biggest buzz items in the media is that the training centres will be located near the Stanley Cup Final, as opposed to the new Barclays Center that the league will be building in Brooklyn. 

“There are so many new features that we’re working on, like the ice rink, and there’s a lot of space around the rink,” NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly told reporters in Toronto on Monday. 

According to ESPN Insider, the facility will be the biggest training facility in the NHL. 

Daly also mentioned that the new training facilities will feature a new concourse with “a lot of capacity”. 

“We’re also building a new dressing room area and changing the locker room into a new locker room,” Daly added.

“The whole team is looking forward to it, so it’s going to be fun.” 

Dylan Larkin and the Detroit Red Wings have already confirmed that they’ll be training in the new facilities. 

So far the Red Wings haven’t revealed much about the new team facility.

They’ve released a few images from various angles, and it seems like they’re looking to be quite open about the facility, as well. 

It’s not clear what they’re planning on doing in the training facility, but they’re already giving the fans a taste of what they might have to look forward to. 

You can check out some images of the new arena in action here: