How to learn to code in two months

An instructor teaches two computer programming classes in a two-week period.

The course has been dubbed the ‘Code Me’ and ‘Code Out’ series and teaches students to code on the spot.

The first week of the program was spent on learning to write simple Python scripts and the second week was devoted to working on creating an application.

“We’re really excited about the Code Me and Code Out series,” said Andrew Stansbury, an instructor from Melbourne.

“I think the Code Out course is really a great way for students to learn more about what we do, how we do it, and how we can use the technology to help us improve the way we work.”

The Code Me class was first offered in March last year and it has since been expanded to teach more than 80 hours of coding.

“The Code Out class is going to be really useful for all the people that want to be in the software industry and want to learn,” Mr Stansburys said.

“If you’re in the IT industry, you’re looking for some guidance from your co-workers, your friends and maybe even your parents.”

So that’s going to really help people get through the first few weeks.

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