FIFA President Sepp Blatter’s vacation ‘was not an exercise in vacation’: Report

FIFA President Federico Saúl Álvarez has told the BBC that he took “a very long vacation” to “give myself a little rest” before the next meeting of the executive committee of the world football governing body.

“It was not an activity for me to do, but I did not do anything for myself,” Saúla said during an interview in Zurich.

“I did not leave the office, I did nothing.

I have been working for FIFA since 1996, so I have spent most of my time there.”

The World Cup in Russia will be held in the summer of 2019.

Saúl said he did not know the full details of the meeting on Monday between the president and the FIFA Executive Committee (CEC), but he did say the meeting “was not a exercise in relaxation”.

He said he had no doubts about the outcome of the vote.

“No, I do not,” Saël said.

“We are all here because of the game.

We have a lot of work to do.

We need to continue our work and I have no doubt about the results of the CEC meeting.”

Saúla’s comments were also reported in the Swiss daily Le Matin.

The president also told the German newspaper Bild: “I have to admit that I am a little tired.”

Saël also said he would “definitely” continue to work in the Fifa presidency until 2022, though he said he wanted to stay in his current position for a longer period.

The FIFA President has previously said that he does not want to take a holiday, but he has also said that a vacation would not be the “right way to work”.

Saúlos first term in office came to an end in March 2020, but his successor, Jérôme Valcke, said in a press conference on Tuesday that he would not take a vacation.

He said: “It is my intention to serve until 2021.

I am happy to continue as president until then, I am proud of the work we did.

I will always work for football and for the sport of soccer.”

Last year, Saúlas said he planned to resign from his position by the end of the year, though there were reports that he had held off from that date.